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Business Introduction


The headquarters of the Singapore Sports Industry Foundation is located in the beautiful Lion City, located in the National Science and Technology Finance Center of Singapore. The Foundation focuses on sports and public welfare, and is committed to promoting the development of the global sports industry. V Sports Chain initiated by the Foundation. The mobile public chain will be applied to the sports industry in various countries of the world.

VSPC V Sports Chain by Singapore sports industry will fund (Singapore Sports Indus try Foundation Ltd.) initiative issued. With a total circulation of 330 million, intelligent contracts will never be issued, of which 250 million will be put into global strategic cooperative sports community users, 50 million will be put into exchange trading mining, and 30 million will be released steadily and steadily in a declining manner, for R&D and fund investment in global operations. VSPC is put into public service and free to users of mobile sports APP.

Technical Support


V Sports Chain uses the Ethernet-based infrastructure, improves the DPOS consensus mechanism algorithm, and provides high throughput, high scalability block chain infrastructure services. It also constructs a three-dimensional security and privacy protection system, builds a multi-level account management model, realizes operable and visual customization management model, and provides a series of scenario-compliant interfaces, aiming at carrying distributed business applications in the Internet of Things, digital assets, trade finance, supply chain traceability and other fields.

Improved bottom consensus mechanism and block-out algorithm architecture of Ethernet workshop

The improved DPOS is an energy-saving, efficient and manageable de-centralized consensus protocol. The deployed super-nodes are responsible for packaging blocks (i.e. consensus and control) and the ordinary nodes are responsible for verifying transactions (i.e. synchronization and providing interface services).

It has the following characteristics:

  1. Nodes elect super-nodes, which are packaged and billed by super-nodes, and can achieve consensus verification in milliseconds.
  2. Super privileges can be chosen to realize arbitration, update the privileges, and ensure the fairness and justice of the system.
  3. Provide dynamic data automatic recovery mechanism, super nodes take turns out of the block process, if block abnormalities are detected,
  4. Consensus smooth transition to other nodes;
  5. Super nodes are recorded in "smart contract container" to ensure the safety and efficiency of node execution process.
  6. Unique block design improves transaction storage rate and reduces network transmission pressure.
  7. Theoretic TPS can reach 10000+ (Note: Mainly constrained by machine performance and network environment)

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